Christmas Gifts, Naughty Lists, and Lebron Posters

Hey Morning Squad,

Happy Monday!

Christmas came and went, and along the way we got some special moments.

In this post-Christmas special version, I’m going to wrap up all the Christmas games, with a bow.


1)It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the superstars.

COVID has kept so many of the games stars out of the lineups all year long but thankfully we got some amazing Christmas Day performances from our Superstars.

-Giannis with a clutch block in a comeback win against the Celtics.

-Steph Curry going for 33 vs CP3 in a win for Golden State.


(which one??)


(wasn’t that dude just on the bench??)


(But I thought you said superstars. That dude ain’t no super….)

Hey, he started okay! It’s a Christmas miracle. Now will you let me finish…

(..okay, fine..)

Thank you. Now as I was saying..

-Kemba Walker, with the triple double in a win for New York.

And last but not least,


Getting posterized by Nic Claxton on the way to a loss vs. a Brooklyn squad with no KD…..

This low-light moment, was a part of an embarrassing display from the Lakers. The team is terrible. Lebron had 39–9–7. Only starter with a positive +/-.

It’s like Lebron clocked in for work, but all his teammates saw him coming and went on break.

His team is literally and figuratively dragging him down.

And now we all forever have this image to remember alongside Lebron’s 2021 Christmas.

2)Heat look better

Sunday we were all reminded that Jimmy Butler can play basketball.

Jimmy Butler in his return puts up 17–11 vs the Magic in his come back game.

The Heat team has been holding him down, led by Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, Max Strus, and Caleb Martin.

These young guys have found ways to win games without him. Hopefully the Heat team can get healthy down the stretch. They are fun to watch.

The Other Games…

3)Sunday was full of Opening Acts

If Saturday was about NBA rockstars, Sundays’ games were all about the Cover Bands (with the exception of the Chicago Bulls, Heat & Nuggets).

  • Joel gets in a kerfuffle (SAT word of the week) on the way to a Sixers win.
  • LaVine wins in a big way with 32 vs the Pacers.
  • Sign me up for a Kevin Love comeback tour. He drops 22 -9 in a 45 point win vs the Raptors. K-Love is a HOF (you heard it here first).

The Kings, Spurs, Pistons, Pelicans, Thunder, Grizzlies, & Clippers also played.

But ask yourself…does the score really matter? I don’t see a strong playoff team out of the bunch.

Shoulda gave these guys the day off.

Big League Chew

More players entering protocol. Grizzlies, Blazers, Hornets and more are seeing players getting added to health and safety lists.

GM’s are scrambling for anybody to fill these spots.

What player would you want to see come back for 1 more game?

Reply back with your choice. I’d love to hear it.

Games Tonight

And that’s it. Enjoy the last week of 2021!

Pray it’s productive and practical.

Have a great one.

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