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So we are officially 2 weeks from the NBA All Star Game.

For most players this is supposed to be a happy time but for some teams they are trying to figure out “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!”

Teams that were winning, are picking up L’s in bunches.

And some teams are in an all out free fall!

Starting with…

1)The Brooklyn Nets

The Nets played Friday night against Utah. Okay, let me correct that. The Nets were in attendance against the Jazz, as Donovan Mitchell and the squad rained buckets on them.

The Jazz were up as much as 18. And it wasn’t close at any point. The Nets starters combined for 28 points…the whole game!! Part-time Kyrie Irving only scored 15 points, James Harden did not play.

Then Sunday they lost to Jokic in Denver. Harden still didn’t play. Jokic had a triple double.

The Nets have lost 8 straight, with most of their games being on the road. Meaning Kyrie played in 6 of these 8.

This team is FREE FALLING!!!

They went from #2 all the way to #7 in the East. They are in the same category as the Celtics, Hornets and Hawks. What?!

Kevin Durant isn’t coming back until March at the earliest. James looks checked out. This Nets team looks like it needs a leader and not just talent. Guess Kevin Durant is going to finally get his chance to prove he’s more than just a hooper.

Can KD actually lead a team to the playoffs?

2)Grizz doing Grizz tings!!

Ja Morant scored 33 points vs the Orlando Magic..but really who hasn’t?

Seriously though, the Grizz, were just putting out highlight reel dunks all game. Their defense is stifling.

Did you know the Grizz lead the NBA in Total Rebounds, Steals, and Blocks this season?

They are also ranked 3rd in the league in Offense.

The Grizzlies are a legit two way team, Ja is their best 2 way player and the Grizz are going to give somebody fits in the Playoffs.

3)Here come the Bucks…

Milwaukee wins back to back games this weekend. 1st against the Blazers, then against the Clippers.

Giannis the most consistent big in the NBA, scores 29 and 28 in both games. These Bucks are now on a 3 game win streak and seem to be hitting their stride.

Jrue Holiday, Portis, Middleton and Connaughton score 90 against the Clippers as the starters really imposed their will.

This looks like championship basketball…but will they peak too early? With how Brooklyn is playing, The East still looks wide open. Bucks now #3 in the East.

4)It’s Always Sunny in DC

I know these winter storms got folks on the East coast a little down, but don’t worry Phoenix has something for you.

The Suns come to town and torch the lowly Wizards team, who desperately need to hit the restart button. Ayton got 20 points & 16 rebounds.

The game wasn’t close. Phoenix was up 33 points in the 3rd.

The real question is…why aren’t they trading Bradley Beal?

They aren’t going to get great value for him on a team that’s playing this poorly. And they don’t have enough top picks to create a contending squad.

Give up Beal for picks and a starter and call it a day.

5)Lakers reference

From Clutchpoints

It took overtime for the Lakers to beat the Knicks…

Westbrook benched in overtime.

Lebron with Triple Double.

Trade Westbrook.

That is all.

This ain’t Pokemon

If I left out your favorite team in this recap, don’t be surprised. There were 23 games.

I can’t catch em’ all.

But here’s some love for those Top Players from he weekend:

  • Joel Embiid goes for 40 & 10 as the 76ers beat the Bulls. DeRozan has 45 and 9.
  • Jarrett Allen with 29 pts & 22 rebounds in Cavs win vs. Hornets! (Beat Brooklyn wishes they woulda kept him)
  • Caris LeVert goes for 42 in a big loss to the Bulls. Oh did I mention he’s now a Cav!

I’m Just going to leave this right here

And that’s it. Happy Monday!

Pray it brings you happiness, health and the start to a great week!

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