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Giants collide, Embiid & KD saga

Hey Morning Squad,

Happy New Year’s Eve! And for my Australian followers, Happy New Years!

This is such an exciting time of year for many reasons. And 1 of them is brewing out East…

The Games

1)We’ve got real beef between Brooklyn and the Sixers.

Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey combine for 59 as the Sixers beat the Nets in a close one.

KD & Harden both had good games, but it’s what happened as Philly closed them out that is the story.

Let me take you back down memory lane…to December 16th when KD and the Nets beat the Sixers. KD as he ices the game, promptly yells to the Sixers to “Go That Way!”

Fast forward to last night, when Joel Embiid puts back in a basket, he finishes the game and tells KD & Harden exactly where they can go.

It was classic NBA theatrics.

Embiid and KD are the best 7 footers out East. Seeing them jaw at each other like this takes me back to some great 90’s basketball feuds.

There is a good chance they meet up in the playoffs and man will that be an exciting series.

2)Ja “Freaking” Morant!!

What else can I say about this young man?

After shooting the game winner against Phoenix, he has 41 & 10 against the Lakers, as he ruins another amazing Lebron game. And on Lebron’s birthday no less!

Lebron has 37 -13–7 and they lose by 5. Lakers gave up a double digit lead in the 4th. They still Got Mr. Fumbles, Russell Westbrook on the team so that’s to be expected.

But man it’s gettin sad to see Lebron play so well, just to lose.

I heard a take that Lebron might as well try to be the NBA’s scoring champ this year cause that’s the closest he’s getting to being called a champion this year.

Sad state of affairs in LA. And I heard they trying to trade Rondo, THT and Nunn…

Probably cause no-one is taking that Russ deal.

I know I’m not the only person hoping for a better 2022.

Thought Piece

3)Is Lamelo Ball a top 5 Point guard in the League right now?

I know you may be thinking this is premature but check this out.

Lamelo Ball this season is averaging 19.7 pts, 7.6 Rebounds, 8 Assists, 1.9 Steals per game. He’s also +31 in +/-.

Here’s the rest of the field:

Steph Curry: 27.7 pts | 5.3 Rebounds | 5.9 Assists | 1.6 Steals | +375

Chris Paul: 14.4 pts | 4.1 Rebounds | 9.8 Assists | 2.0 Steals | +156

Trae Young: 27.3 pts | 3.9 Rebounds | 9.3 Assists | 1 Steals | +49

Damian Lillard: 24.2 pts | 4.1 Rebounds | 7.3 Assists | 0.6 Steals | -13

Russell Westbrook: 19.7 pts | 8.1 Rebounds | 8.3 Assists | 1.2 Steals | -77

His stats stack up. And his brand of basketball leads to winning (Look at the +/-). I’m just saying, this is something to keep an eye on in the new year.

If the Hornets make a deep playoff run…we all may realize Melo has already arrived.

The Other Games…

  • Bucks keep rolling. Beat the terrible Orlando Magic. Giannis has 33–12.
  • Wizards beat the Cavs in Beals return. He has 29 points.
  • Feels like I just said it this week, but the Bulls destroy the Hawks. But this time in Chicago.:) Bulls win by 14.
  • Knicks beat the Pistons.
  • Hornets defeat the Pacers.
  • Clippers beat the Celtics. Celtics made 4 of 42 3 pointers!!! THEY ARE TERRIBLE…

Big League Chew

Raptors to have no fans for the next 3 weeks in Toronto.

Becky Hammond set to make landmark deal to become the highest paid coach in WNBA.

Rondo deal to the Cavs being finalized after Rubio tears ACL.

Games Tonight

And that’s it everyone. Last one of 2021 in the books.

Be safe, celebrate and see you all in the New Year!

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