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How I really feel about this Simmons, Harden trade

Hey Morning Squad,

Today brings to us so many things. We are fresh off the NBA Trade deadline and we had a lot of moves on the final day. None more important than the James Harden, Ben Simmons trade.

So I won’t launch into games this edition.

I will just give these 3 honorable mentions from last night.

1) Luca Doncic, fresh off kicking Porziņģis off the Mavs, scores a career high 51 points against the Clippers. Man those Slovenians have a funny way of celebrating.

2) Kyle Kuzma has his first triple double, 15 points, 13 rebounds, 10 assists, as the Wizards beat the Nets.

3)The Knicks, who made no moves yesterday, beat Steph Curry and the Warriors. Yeah I know, I’m just as shocked as you are.

Now on to the Harden Simmons thing.

Trade Moves

1. ”The Process” finally pays the price

Before we talk about the trade, we have to talk about the treacherous road that got us here.

Philadelphia for 6 years was in the process of tanking games, to get high draft picks. This strategy, dubbed “The Process,” or as the Miami Dolphins are finding out “possible game-fixing”, was the strategy that allowed the Sixers to get Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and Markelle Fultz.

So two of the 3 worked out.

And from the beginning people said this combo wasn’t going to work.

They clog the paint. Ben can’t shoot.

But year after, year, once Embiid got healthy, this team contended in the East.

If not for a miraculous shot from Kawhi, the Sixers may have landed in the NBA FINALS.

But in the end, the two couldn’t get to the Finals and here we are.

And now the sweet irony.

One of the products of “The Process” has now landed them James Harden (a former League MVP) to play alongside the current MVP favorite, Joel Embiid.

The Sixers were able to trade Ben Simmons for James Harden, a historic scorer and Top 75 NBA player of all time.

So how does Embiid feel about this….

The Process for all of its flaws, just yielded a trade that might take Embiid to the NBA FINALS.

Only thing standing in their way….

Oh yeah.


2. How important is the Road to a Chip?

So now the other side of this trade. The Nets have to be furious.

They let KD and Kyrie come into their team, and convince them to trade everything to get Harden.

Harden, the guy who went full Nutty professor just to get himself out of Houston. Who, in the playoffs has never proven he can win you a championship.

They convinced management to bring him to New York.

And after a season and a half, he’s still never won you anything and basically quit on the team down the stretch!

Passive aggressively leaking info, getting out of shape, showing up late to games and practice.

But I want us to sit down and seriously think about this question….

“Even if James Harden wins a ring this year with the Sixers, will you ever forget what he did to get there?”

His behavior over the past 2 seasons, is something of NBA legend and is the worst, most unprofessional version of getting leverage ever seen in the league.

Look when Lebron & KD left their teams, they were Free Agents. When Kyrie wanted out of Clevland, he just used the tried and true, I’m going to get surgery before the season route.

Thanks Scottie.

But James Harden decided he’s going to, Pout his way out.

Now I get Kyrie made being in New York intolerable.

I previously talked about how James must feel catfished because what the Nets ended up being vs what he was sold.

But there is no excuse for this. If he wins a championship, I don’t think history will look kindly on this move.

Let me tell you one group of people who won’t forget this: The Media.

When he gets called to the Hall of Fame, media will remember this.

Just like Kyrie’s vaccine stance will be remembered for possibly tanking this team.

But if there is one bright side to this….I think KD will be extra motivated to win in the playoffs.

Just to get the chance to play James and Embiid, and knock them out of the playoffs.

Don’t believe me. Did you see the All-star draft last night?

KD intentionally did not pick up James Harden when there were only 2 players on the board. He took Rudy Gobert. The guy who went last the year before.

A vengeance game is a brewing in the East.

KD is hoping, he’s the storm.

And my Nominee is…

Is Doc Rivers the most Savage coach ever?

He’s now signed and traded his son (Austin Rivers) & son in law (Seth Curry). Yeesh…

Thanksgivings bout to be real awkward.

And that’s it. The NBA is shaping up to be exciting down the stretch.

Keep you eyes peeled on more moves in the buy-out market.

Have a great one everybody.

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