It’s time, give Ja Morant his flowers! But..

Hey Morning Squad,

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Lots of good games over the past 2 days.

And some ridiculous comments from players, starting with…

The Games

1)I’m all for giving Ja Morant his flowers but…

Wendell Cruz, USA TODAY Sports/Reuters.

Recently Ja Morant’s teammate Desmond Bane said that there is definitely conversation about Ja Morant being the best Point Guard in the game.

And he should say that…he’s a good teammate. Only problem is, he’s not even the best PG in the conference. There’s still Steph, CP3, Lebron (he’s a PG right?)

I mean he’s the most athletic by far!! He torched the Cavs with 26, flying through the air, double clutching layups. When he leaves his feet, his body control is like a professional dancer. It’s wild.

And this was after he dropped 36 on the Nets in a win on Monday. His confidence is on 1000!

Grizz are 11 games over .500. A record the Lakers would beg for.

2)Lebron got a tough win for the Lakers

Speaking of the Lakers, they have now won 3 in a row. They got this last one vs the Kings and it was tougher than expected…

..Not tough because the Kings challenged them down the stretch.

..Not tough because they had a younger more athletic squad…

…Tough because Lebron had to play against the guy they almost traded for in Buddy Heild.

Heild had 26 pts & 5 Rebounds, and 0 turnovers.

Did you know… Russell Westbrook averages 4.6 Turnovers per game (Ranked #2) while Buddy Heild averages 1.6 (Ranks 195th)

Now in fairness Russ was on his best behavior, and had a rare 0 turnover game.

But considering how well Lebron is playing, I could only imagine what the Lakers would look like with a consistent shooter like Heild.

Lebron pulls it out in the end. The Lakers are now 1 game over .500.

3)Kyle Kuzma really can do it all…

Who would have guessed in a million years that Kyle Kuzma, would make a decent #2 to Bradley Beal on the Wizards.

Kuzma was basically run out of LA, and viewed as a liability. Then Monday night he dropped 36 pts & 14 rebounds on the Hornets.

It’s really quite remarkable. He’s not in the running for Most Improved Player, that title is likely Tyler Herros. But, for this Wizards team, he is proving he was worth the pick up.

Man, I can’t believe I’m really on here talking about Kuzma! Kuzma!

This guy!!

4)And just Iike that the Bucks lose to the Pistons.

I told Giannis we’d be watching and somehow they fumbled a win against a team who hasn’t won 10 games all season.

They got outplayed and now the streak is back to 0.

Great job Bucks.

5)Joel had a 31 point triple double.

My favorite phrase this season is..”When Joel Embiid is healthy he’s like an MVP every year.”

Only problem is, he hasn’t been his whole career.

He is incredibly talented but being healthy is important to winning MVP cause you have to I don’t know…play to win.

Joel is a beast. I hope this carries the whole season cause he deserves an MVP nod after the mess Ben Simmons left him with.

BTW has anyone spoken to him?

Other notables

  • Bulls get an 8th win against the Magic behind 29 from DeRozan & 27 from LaVine.
  • Booker with 33 in win vs the Pelicans
  • Jordan Poole with 32 to help the Warriors beat the Heat.
  • Trae Young has 56 and 14 in loss to the Blazers.

Big League Chew

Cleveland this ones for you!!

All Star voting has begun!

Vote for your favorites players here: NBA ALL STAR VOTING WEBSITE

Also Kyrie is back tonight!! Watch the whole game or just watch it part-time. :)

Games Tonight

And that’s it.

Have a blessed and productive day!

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