Lakers are really putting the L in LA.

Photo From Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James is crowded out (Nikki Boertman/AP) (AP)

Hey Morning Squad,

Hey Morning Squad,

Wow, what is happening right now? How did we get here?

The Games

1)They are really putting the L in LA.

From the Associated Press

The Lakers have lost 2 games this week. One to their stadium rival, the Clippers.

And now the Memphis Grizzlies (without their 2 best players) are beating the Lakers?

Lebron has a triple double but the game wasn’t even close.

Lakers led in the 1st quarter and then got outscored the rest of the game. 22 Turnovers.

At this rate, Frank Vogel is gonna be home for Christmas, cause they are going to blame someone for this.

It won’t be Russ. It won’t be Bron. It won’t be AD (although Charles Barkley thinks they should).

And guess who they face next…their new arch nemesis The Oklahoma City Thunder.

They lose that one and…

2)Your 👀 aren’t tricking you, Cleveland definitely just beat the Bulls.

John Kuntz,

Chicago Bulls played a little short handed, still missing DeRozan and Derrick Jones and others.

But I told ya’ll about this Cavs team. Evan Mobley is a beast. 16 pts, 9 Rebs, 5 blocks.

Great win for the Cavs. On to the next one for Chicago.


Well actually, it was Caleb Martin. He went off for the Heat having a career night!

The Miami Heat are still missing Bam and Butler but found a way to keep it close with the Milwaukee Bucks.

I almost called titled this one “Turn it up to the Max” because Max Strus off the bench scored 16 points in the 4th quarter to put them ahead.

But any chance I have to include a classic 90’s black sitcom, I will.

#80’s baby

4)Utah Get’s no Respect

Utah is on a 6 game winning streak and…people still don’t care.

Rudy Gobert is likely seeking his 4th Defensive player of the Year trophy and …people still don’t care.

Jimmy cracked corn and….you see where this is going.

Utah beats Philly, and had 8 players in double figures. They are 3rd in the West, yet nobody cares because playoffs matter.

When you lose to the Clippers as the 1 seed, after being up 3–1, you gotta prove your worth the attention.

Hey Utah, check back in with me after All-star break. Till then…

In other League news..

  • Steph Curry is 10–3’s away from the All-time record.
  • Harden loses in his Return to Houston…(No KD)
  • Luka admits he’s out of shape. (And admitting it is the first step. Zion, did you have something you wanted to share with the class?)

Games Tonight

And that’s it!

Have a wonderful Weekend.

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The Morning Squad

The Morning Squad

Top Stories in Basketball, Memes & More

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