The Unthinkable happened!!

Hey Morning Squad,

It’s amazing.

Since our last newsletter, a bunch of teams have won games…against teams they just lost to.

Unthinkable wins.

The Games

1)The Head scratchers

Wednesday night must have been opposites night cause I’m not sure I could really grasp how this happened.

The 5 worst teams in the league all won against playoff teams. All on the same night.

-Kings beat Brooklyn.

-Thunder beat Maverick’s.

-Rockets beat the Cavs.

-Wizards beat the Sixers.

-Magic beat the Pacers

It had me thinking…are bad teams ever really that bad?

There are a ton of reasons good teams lose in the NBA:

  • Sometimes shots don’t drop.
  • Players can have career nights unexpectedly.
  • Injuries to your starting lineup can swing games dramatically.
  • Sometimes players just don’t play….cause…stuff….

With all these teams winning it’s just a reminder anyone can have a good night.

Like Kevin Garnett famously said…

2)Klay goes Jordan

Klay Thompson had himself a night!

He goes for 23 points in 23 minutes. He made 7, 3’s and only missed 3 shots all game.

Klay gets hot like nobody else in league history. Of course we all remember the 37 in a quarter. Or the 60 in 3 quarters.

Look we all love Steph but the purist shooter in the game really might be Klay.

Sure, Curry can manufacture his own shots, and shoot from deeper. But in just pure catch and shoot situations, Klay is a world class sniper.

His shot is repeatable, reliable, and when he gets cooking it’s unstoppable.

Warriors beat the Kings easily.

Good to see him back playing well.

3)Trae Young freezes out the Suns

On the same night that the Phoenix Suns finally got selected to the All star team, ice cold Trae young goes for 43 points and 5 assists.

Trae young has sneakily been leading the NBA in points for a long time this season. The problem he’s having is like Lebron, his team doesn’t get a lot of wins.

Trae deserves his respect as an offensive threat. His play is remarkable for his size and he remains the reasons the Hawks are relevant.

The GM’s shipped out Cam Reddish but they need to bring better players alongside this type of talent.

Oh did I forget to mention Trae was also an All-star? Yeah Ice Trae is in.

So no offense to the Gallinari’s, Sweet Lou’s & Capella’s of the world. But can we get my man, 1 other all star?!

Either way, the Hawks end the Suns 11 game win streak.

4)In the battle for LA

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)

Clippers win this wild one with no Lebron and AD going off for 30 & 17.

They traded leads in the last 18 seconds, 6 times.

But Reggie Jackson, spins between Westbrook and Mini-Caruso for a layup in the last 4 seconds. With 3 seconds left, AD just misses a floater and that’s the game.

Honestly the Clippers are the grittier, better coached team. I hope they play each other in the Playin game.

Other highlights from the past 48 hours.

  • Vucevic finally plays well, 30 pts & 18 rebounds in an OT loss to the Raptors.
  • LaMelo has 38 points and 6 asissts in a loss to Boston.
  • Evan Mobley, rookie of the year candidate, 29pts & 12 Rebounds.
  • Luka has 40 & 6 in a loss to the Thunder. Lu Dort has 30 & 6 in the win.

Reading between the Lines

Shaq revealed on his Podcast (The Big Podcast) that after calling Ben Simmons a crybaby, he talked last night about a DM convo with Ben.

Then on TNT last night, he said he’s decided to leave his fellow LSU brother alone and no longer comment on him. Wishes him and his family the best.

Smells to me like Shaq knows something that might give a hint of credibility to Ben’s hold out reasons.

That’s it everyone!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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