You remember that one time Robin became Batman…

Hey Morning Squad,

Ladies & Gentleman, we now have a series!

1)This was the game where the Robins dueled it out!

I said this earlier, that this series was more even than people realized..

No place was this more evident than the #2 slot for Milwaukee & Phoenix.

Khris Middleton vs Devin Booker

On a night when Giannis and CP3 did not play particularly well, it was their co-stars that lead the way offensively.

Khris Middleton went into his bag, and kept pulling things out…. 33 shots — 40 points, the man did everything for the Bucks.

and on the other side.

Devin Booker, put on his bib, grabbed a fork and knife, and feasted on the Mid-range

He was electric all night.

Every shot he took, it felt like it was going in.

Listen…because I need you to understand how good he was.

Through the first half, Devin Booker missed 7 shots.

The rest of the game he only missed 4, on his way to 42 points. He also….(Shoulda fouled out! But you didn’t hear that from me.)

2)Giannis was off all night, but Thank God he’s got a Defensive switch.

And man what a switch it is.

(if you know, you know)

This block on an alley-oop dunk is one of the most amazing recoveries I’ve ever seen.

  • He was late on picking up Ayton.
  • Ayton was in mid air before Giannis leaves the ground…
  • Ayton had the ball at rim height while Giannis was on the ground.

And yet Giannis cleanly swats the ball off the backboard and gets another possession for the Bucks.

Can’t emphasize this enough. The game was within 2 points at this time.

This block mattered!

Then on the next Suns possession, Giannis gets between Chris Paul and Ayton causing CP3 to fumble the ball.

Giannis, like Lebron… (think younger Lebron, not Space Jam Lebron) a player capable of contributing at the heights level on both sides of the ball.

Giannis and these Bucks look dangerous.

Not only are the Brooms gone, but it looks like the rabbits got the gun now…or deer…you get the metaphor!!

Heading back to Phoenix tied up!

Let’s do this.

That’s it.

Have a great Thursday everyone! Stay Blessed.




Top Stories in Basketball, Memes & More

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The Morning Squad

The Morning Squad

Top Stories in Basketball, Memes & More

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